First, let’s consider the case of the attempted murder of Brett Kavanaugh, United States Supreme Court Justice. You probably haven’t heard much about this because the mainstream media has been trying to cover it up and ignore it.

And the thing of it is, the Democrats approve of these threats. Consider Charles Schumer:

Now you would think the threats against a sitting Supreme Court Justice would be major news but our friends at the mainstream media have gone out of their way to avoid covering this story.

Then there’s this little tidbit with Stephen Colbert’s producer and staffers being arrested for illegal entry in the US capital. And as it turns out, they were allowed into the building by none other than Adam Schiff who has spent the last year or so telling us about how such actions amount to an insurrection.

We know now that the plan was for Stephen Colbert’s staffers to harass anybody who dared support Donald Trump. Kevin McCarthy for example.

It should be noted that none of Colbert’s staffers are currently in jail, where they damn sure would be if they had gone in to harass Adam Schiff for example.

If Justice was equal, Adam Schiff would be stinking up a jail cell right now along with Stephen Colbert’s people and Charles Schumer.

It’s obvious to just about everyone with a pulse anymore that there is a double standard being applied to these cases. The rule of law means nothing to these people, nor does common decency.

Not only are the staffers not going to be spending a year and a half in solitary confinement without even being charged like the people involved with the protest on January 6th were, but Adam Schiff isn’t going to get even a slap on the wrist for it.

Welcome to Berlin, 1933…. Today’s Democrat party.