* With the discussion we had yesterday in mind about the left and it’s overt racism, comes the idea that they haven’t changed over the years nearly as much as they’d like us to believe. In fact had in reality they haven’t changed at all except these days they’ll increasing allegiance to Karl Marx. The party of change, it seems, is not itself willing to change. They do, however want to change you to be there politically.

* We can get leaked documents from the Supreme Court but for some strange reason we can’t see The client list in the Maxwell case.

* Personally I think this is a record for a narrative falling apart. The latest testimony that the Democrats could you should pardon the expression, Trump up, blew up before the echo died. Cassidy Hutchinson is a flat-out liar, in a rather long line of them. There’s no other conclusion to draw.

“He lunged for the steering wheel.”

Are you kidding me?

I know gymnasts who couldn’t make that one. Sorry, I’m not buying it. The whole thing was a fake. No wonder the Democrats aren’t allowing cross-examination of these witnesses. They’d never survive.