Just a few things that don’t really fit in a post by themselves.

# Top Gun: Maverick had a 146 million dollar opening proving that Americans are starving for pro-American non-“woke” entertainment.

# Joe Biden tells us that people with mental problems shouldn’t possess firearms. While I agree with the statement, two things come to mind. First, when the government is the one to define mental problems, that seems problematic. What seems even more problematic however is this pronouncement is being made by somebody with a serious case of senility going on, who also happens to have his finger on the big red button.

*I note an article this morning from Byron York over at the Washington Examiner, which reports that Joe Biden’s RCP approval rating has dipped below 40% again. Of course, his approval ratings have never been stellar, leading me to believe that the pollsters are buttering the bread a little too heavily. It also raises the question of the validity of the most recent presidential election. Biden’s numbers have been underwater for some time as York correctly points out. How, after all, does one win an election with a record number of votes and then produce polling numbers like these from day one? There’s a lot about this presidency that doesn’t add up.