From Red State

The real question is: Why did Democrats think abortion would be their saving grace in the first place? The Dobbs decision leaked two months ago. If anything, Republicans have gained ground over that time. The fact that the decision is doubly official now is not going to do anything to change the national landscape. In fact, I think the radicalism of the progressive left getting laid bare on abortion could actually alienate some voters. They aren’t out there talking “safe, legal, and rare” anymore. It’s abortion through birth, and relatively few Americans support that.

In the end, Democrats are staring into the abyss, and their big solution is to douse themselves in gasoline near an open flame. They’ve got no good options, they know they have no good options, and they are going to ride their fractured base to total defeat in a few months.

Based on the polling numbers, that’s probably true.

The answer to the question of course is that they simply don’t have anything else to go with. Their performance in the areas where Americans are really concerned about has been and continues to be horrible, and the polling numbers reflect that.

And by the way it’s actually worse than that. CBS polling has been invariably kind to the Democrats over the last 40 years or so, and for the Democrats in general and Biden in particular to have dropped to a new low is at least noteworthy, as RedState suggests.

The reason for the drop?


I believe it was James Carville who once intoned “it’s the economy, stupid.”

So is it stands now the polling has it that Democrat numbers are just about two points above that of diarrhea. Of course, one problem with polls, is that they tend not to count illegal aliens. Given the desperation we’re seeing just now, it might be worthwhile keeping an eye on that factor going forward.