Perhaps you haven’t noticed the attacks on Clarence Thomas mounting since Donbs came out.

David Catron has, and over at The American Spectator says:

Progressives like nothing better than to lecture conservatives on racism, accusing us of reveling in white privilege and voting Republican due to a deeply held aversion to people of color. They have, of course, absolved themselves of all sins racial by claiming to be “woke.” But the mendacity of that pose has been laid bare by the barrage of openly racist attacks on Clarence Thomas pursuant to last week’s Supreme Court decision to overturn Roe v. Wade. Justice Samuel Alito authored the ruling, and it was supported by a majority of the Court, but progressive rage has focused on Thomas.

And it hasn’t been subtle. Social media contained countless attacks on Justice Thomas that prominently featured the “N-word.” These verbal assaults have by no means been limited to anonymous trolls. The Post Millennial reports that lily-white pollster John Corbett tweeted, “Clarence Thomas: Just another dumb field n*gger.” Nor have Democratic luminaries failed to pile on. Hillary Clinton appeared on “CBS This Morning” to denounce Thomas: “I went to law school with him. He’s been a person of grievance for as long as I have known him.”Newsweek columnist Darvio Morrow explains why white progressives always talk like this:

Many of these people do not view Black people as e
quals but as tools that give credibility and moral authority to their ideology. Many white progressives view themselves as the “savior” of Black people, and as a result, they unconsciously believe we owe them our undying loyalty. That’s why when anyone crosses them, they attack with a particular level of venom. And it’s not just Black Republicans who they come for. White progressives will attack moderate Black Democrats too when they “get out of line.”

The emphasis is mine.

Recall, please, that I made the same argument as regards Bill Cosby:

Now some I have spoken to on this subject, have correctly pointed out that the accusations have been floating around for about 10 years now. And some of the cases where that came up it’s still a little on the late side to be reporting it. That said, that 10 year period would seem to coincide with when Bill Cosby started getting vocal about the race baiting industry in this country the Jesse Jacksons the Al Sharptons and so on.

So actually the timing of the accusations starting to fly, matches rather nicely.

I submit that this is payback for having gone after the race baiting industry as he has famously done. Occum’s straight razor would seem to apply to this situation very nicely.

And since it took that Steamroller 10 years to get moving, it brings a couple of other points that we should look at.

An example is harder to create a martyr is. But the effect is pretty much the same in opposite ways . And as we have discovered in neither case is the truth a requirement. All that’s required is continuous repetition . To create a bad example one has to spend literally decades tarring the name of the chosen example as being a bad person. Rumors have to fly, innuendo, and so on. And think of it this way, with him being 77 he’s probably not going to be around for a whole bunch more. He will never be able to get his reputation back since it took 10 years to get this steamroller moving. Such things invariably take much longer to stop than to start, long as they took to start to begin with.

This situation will keep a number of other people from speaking out. And that, is the intent.

Make no mistake, his being a black man who the majority of America actually likes, has a direct connection with him being torn down as he’s being now.

Here’s another thought……

Postulate that as opposed to the upstanding man is that he has seemed to have been all these years Cosby was rather a race baiter like Sharpton. I submit to you that in that case, these situations would have been called bimbo eruptions and they would have been summarily laughed off. See also, Bill Clinton our first black president. Get the picture?

In both cases, Cosby and now Justice Thomas, these well-known black individuals were giving the progressives fits.

They were no longer under progressive control and were speaking their minds and I believe speaking the truth before the weight of “progressive Justice” landed on them. Put more correctly, the weight of supposed “progressive Justice” containing their racial slurs, landed on them because they were speaking the truth.

I’ll give you a third example. Candice Owens, whom we will doubtless be discussing as the summer progresses. I could go on all day with various names that have been subjected to this treatment by the left, but let’s not get distracted.

I maintain to this day, that the prosecution of Cosby was a political act aimed at silencing someone who was operating outside of , and was therefore an impediment to, the leftist narrative. Whether he was guilty or not does not impact this discussion. If he hadn’t been threatening the leftist narrative, Democrats would defend him to the death. We’ve all seen it before.

And now with the duplication in the effort against Justice Thomas, my thought about Cosby is confirmed, and we have a pattern with which to judge the situation. Can’t have black people leaving the leftist plantation.

Democrats claim to be for equality, but let somebody start speaking for themselves and actually thinking for themselves, and things get ugly. Democrat chat rooms start sounding like the unreconstructed South. Which, I note, was run by Democrats back in the day.

The primary goal in these reactions is an attempt to maintain utter control over these uppity minorities. Can’t have them thinking on their own. If they ever get off the plantation, Democrats will lose their political power. That’s the motivation for what we see here. And there’s only one word for it: