A direct comparison between the Uvalde school shooting and what happened at the Greenwood mall in Indiana utterly destroys the gun grabber arguments.

In both cases we have a mental defective getting a hold of a gun. If gun control works, how did they both manage to do that? Obviously the answer is gun control doesn’t work. And the thing is that conclusion is drawn before we even get into the rest of the analysis. I mean, forget that Chicago demonstrates how gun control doesn’t work on a daily basis, but let’s not jump down that particular rabbit hole at the moment.

In both the above cases, we have a gun free zone, supposedly. Signs all over the place to that effect. Yet in both cases, the mental defective in question not only didn’t obey the sign, they purposely picked those locations to do their thing, on the statistically correct assumption that they would be able to kill at random, like a Wolf among sheep.

In the case of the Indiana mall, we have another specimen, a second amendment advocate. Someone who believes in the Constitution the way it’s written. And in spite of the gun free zone signs on the entrances to that mall he also disobeyed the signs. And as it turns out it’s a good thing he did, because a lot of lives got saved by his actions.

What specifically, were his actions? 15 seconds after the shooter started, 22yo Eli Dicken fired 10 rounds from 40 yards, hitting the shooter 8 times. The man is a hero ..and of course the gun grabbers are having conniption fits.

Meantime, in the case of the Uvalde school shooting nobody was able to protect themselves because of what is essentially gun -phobic nonsense. So they called the police,who showed up quite quickly supposedly to take charge of the situation, but who then stood around outside pretty much helpless to the situation for 45 minutes until citizens started going in to try and save their kids.

The police sprung into action, by arresting the parents.

So it is that the argument about how ‘we don’t need guns, we have the police for that”, also goes out the window. too.

No wonder the gun grabbers are desperately angry over these occurrences. Not only is their argument that completely blown out of the water, not only has everything they’ve been trying to sell the American people shown as fatally flawed, (literally!)… they find themselves now in a position where they are unable to defend their arguments, as we have been seeing for the last few days on social media.

It’s time for America to lose its gun phobia. The founders, whatever else you think of them, had this one right.