The answer to the question of why Boris Johnson had a resignation forced out of him yesterday is rather simple. Nigel Farage, as usual, gets to the heart of the problem;

I am quite aware that there is a major difference between conservatives here the states and conservatives in Great Britain. There’s two vastly different cultures involved despite their many rather striking similarities.

That said, however, the similarities that are also striking on these situations is what happens to establishment GOP types. They, too, spend a good deal of time pandering to conservatives until such time as they get governmental power in their hands. As soon as that happens they start governing like Democrat lite.

So it is that the disconnect between the supposedly conservative politician and the rank and file GOP which itself is far more conservative than anything The Establishment GOP has puked up in recent times, is exposed.

The universality of this is the polluting and poisoning effect of the power of government that our founders warned us about repeatedly. Doesn’t matter where you are, power corrupts.

So, bye-bye Boris. In the end you were too much the liberal, even for big- government England.