I’m going to take a moment aside to discuss a post I put up about a week and a half back with regards to the constitutional implications of Roe and why Dobbs was a good decision from a constitutional perspective.

That’s where the conversation needs to start because if the Constitution is the law of the land, using the judicial branch to make rulings that simply aren’t supported by the Constitution itself, endangers the rights that are protected by that federal Constitution. At least, in the case of the Federal Constitution I don’t believe abortion to be among them.

Now, before you start warming up, I made no argument as regards abortion per se’, within that first piece, because that wasn’t the point. But to have a rational discussion on the subject we need to understand why the ruling from the Federal Supreme Court was the correct one.

To say the least, I’ve taken a little heat from a couple of people for being focused on that constitutional aspect.

In that post I focused on the constitutional perspective because, of the many aspects of the subject of abortion, it seemed to me that the constitutional aspect was the one that was most widely (and wildly) misunderstood, and the one most critical and foundational to understanding the rest of the aspects.

Among them would be…

* The scientific

* The racial

* The political

* The emotional

* The societal impact

There are certainly other aspects that can be added to that list, but these are probably enough for the moment to continue the conversation.

I have always thought to examine these separate aspects in a compartmentalized fashion, tackling one and then going on to the next. The reason for that is relatively simple. Each one of those aspects presents its own set of hard questions, and for the sake of clarity, needs to be examined separately, I believe

I have been accused by a couple of people of being cold and dispassionate on the subject. The thing is, I believe that in matters such as this passion tends to cloud our judgment. Certainly, there was a good deal of passion in a couple of the comments I got. However, the emotion is counterproductive to truly understanding the situation, I believe.

It probably would have been better if I had addressed these separate issues in a somewhat more rapid fashion but alas, life happens. It comes down to a matter the availability of time to think and to write.

Rest assured, I will be addressing each one of these as time allows. Frankly I get the feeling we’re going to have some time because this is going to be an ongoing discussion for the next several years.