Despite the odds and the obstacles, we push to move forward, that we are guided by what we see, that can be, unburdened by what has been. And I know everyone in this room understands this and has, in many ways, lived a life that illustrates this.

Vice president Kamala Harris at the NALEO 39th Annual Conference

If they do understand it, the only reason would be that they got into the same LSD that she did.

I tell you true, the biggest protection Joe Biden has against attacks that would take him out of office, is not the secret service, it’s not the bulletproof car he rides around in, instead, it’s who would replace him.

Even her staff has begun to figure this out. with 12 of them walking out, including her chief of staff. Even places like the New York Times and The Washington Post are asking serious questions about her qualifications.

If you’ll remember, both David and myself were raising questions about those qualifications two years ago.

I have often said that the main qualification, the main job for the vice president, is to make the top of the ticket look good. Granted, that Joe Biden at the top of the ticket, makes that a tall order, a task which nobody would be find complete success.

But, to the degree that she has been successful in this task is where she has been more of an embarrassing distraction from Joe’s senility than anything else.