Over at Ace Of Spades

Feels a lot like AIDS, when the NIH, headed by, what’s this?, Anthony Fauci would not shut down gay bathhouses or even recommend doing so, but did tell straight women to insist that straight men use dental dams when they went down on them.

Our public health authorities will do anything — anything! — if it saves one life.

Except tell a member of a noisy leftwing political constituency that they’re going to have to give up a pastime they enjoy, like rioting during a pandemic or orgies during a pox pandemic that is easily spread by close contact, as occurs during sex.

This is what happens when government runs healthcare. The healthcare gets polluted by politics. I’ve been saying this since Hillary care, and it’s becoming more and more clear that I had it right all along.

And isn’t it interesting how the mainstream media has ignored where the majority of the monkeypox cases are showing up?