There is no climate emergency nor has there ever been outside of the minds of the big government types.

Did anybody else notice that Biden and the Democrats chose to declare their phony climate emergency in the hottest weeks of July? Almost like they planned it that way.

Dr Anthony Faucci probably one of the best arguments ever for getting government out of the health care business both entirely and immediately.

I suggest that monkeypox showing up on the scene just in time for the midterm elections is no accident. Watch that one closely, kids.

According to reports this morning, Joe Biden has contracted covid 19. I’ve seen some speculation that he must have caught it in Saudi Arabia while begging for oil. Given the incubation periods for this virus however, it seems more likely that he gave it to the Saudis. I’m sure that’ll go over large at the next OPEC meeting.

I am quite sure that the largest number of people who are breathing a sigh of relief that Joe Biden’s covid-19 infection is not overly serious, both Democrats and Republicans, are mostly relieved because they are deathly afraid of a president Kamala Harris. And, so they should be.