Here comes some more.

# R. Kelly has been placed on suicide watch in jail. I didn’t even know He had anything on the Clintons.

# So when do we start seeing “build back better” hats?

# Have we reached the point where the counterculture consists of a heterosexual couple with children?

# The road to despotism is lined with people telling you to stop overreacting.

# Seems the Democrats figure that they haven’t convinced enough people how good they are and how bad Donald Trump is so they’re extending the January 6th hearing through July. Apparently they’re using the same calendar as 15 days to stop covid. Or maybe they began to realize what a disaster that Cassidy what’s her name was. They’ve been going at this long enough that they’re being correctly labeled as a one-trick pony. It’s the only thing they can do… you would think they’d be able to get it right. And yet, they still haven’t made their case. Don’t be overly shocked if this nonsense goes on until they get voted out, in November. But from now until then, these guys are going to make Joe McCarthy look like an amateur.

#Kamala Harris has the lowest approval rating since they started keeping them. That’s after Dick Cheney shot his hunting buddy in the face.