Interesting article in the Washington Examiner this morning. Here’s a relevant piece of it:

The Democratic activist base and the media want bold, loud, concrete action. Whether that means abolishing the filibuster to codify Roe, adding additional Supreme Court justices, or even impeaching them, as Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) has called for, they want action. Failing that, Joe has to go. The media were always going to hold Biden accountable from the Left flank on the issues they care about, such as climate change and abortion. They see a tired, part-time president and sinking poll numbers, not to mention the terrifying possibility of a Ron DeSantis presidency or the return of Donald Trump, and have hit the panic button.

Let’s remember that the very reason that the left pressed the Supreme Court into Roe, was that there was no “bold, loud, concrete action” from either the executive branch or the legislative branch, that was going to be effective in bringing about Roe.

Just as clearly, given the historical presedent reestablished in Dobbs, there is no federal action that would be considered constitutional in the matter.

Action at the state level, while constitutionally possible from a federal Constitution point of view, is nearly as unlikely, for a lack of voter support. As I said here, such actions simply did not have the political support then, and does not now.

(As an aside, i point out that Biden voted against abortion when it came up in Congress, not out of any personal conviction, but because he knew it would cost him at the voting booth.)

The only way that the abortionists were going to win back in the day, overriding the will of the people, was through Court action …and then only when the legal precedent was made up out of whole cloth, which even Ruth Bader Ginsburg suggested would be it’s undoing.

And so now, the finger pointing has begun and the radical left is pointing at Biden…(when they’re not harassing Supreme Court Justices for doing their job… Interpreting the Constitution as written.)

However there’s two problems with blaming Biden. First of all the man is incapable of stringing a coherent sentence together, much less somebody capable of directing an effort to legislatively overcome Dobbs. Biden is a figurehead and nothing more. The real power lies with the staff underneath him. So it is that I pointed out a few weeks ago that the economic and social disaster that we are currently dealing with is not a result of the old fool in the White House implementing leftist policy badly. It is the result of leftist policy being implemented perfectly.

However, even that collection of leftists who is actually running the show nowadays is powerless to respond to Dobbs, just as they were back in 1973 …and for the same reason. They know the voter support isn’t there and that going out on a limb for this is going to hurt them at the polls.

If it can’t be run like a dictatorship, leftists have no clue how to deal with it. That’s never been more clear than in this situation. So, it’s a deer in the headlights situation.

Say what you will about Biden, but give him credit for understanding that bowing to the radical left on these matters is going to push the Democrat party right off the cliff with the voters, even Democrat voters.

Granted, they were headed for the cliff anyway, as the polls have been reporting for months now.

However, the extremists in the Democrat party seem to have a predilection for standing on the accelerator even when it’s clear that the outcome won’t be good.