Over at Substack, Matt Taibbi notices a trend:

As more and more effort is spent trying to put Donald Trump behind bars, he keeps growing politically. Is it time to wonder if there’s a connection?

Well, that’s certainly a good point. A parallel point would be the great tune -out, where the vast majority of Americans are not watching the mainstream media anymore, the large exception being Fox News of course which is running away with ratings.

This would also be consistent with the approval numbers of the Biden White House and the Democrat -run upper and lower houses of Congress. No matter how hard they try they can’t seem to get on top of public opinion. One reason might be that the Democrats calling on the American people to “lower their expectations”, was not well received. (Wow, what salesmanship!)

The Endless Prosecution not only failed to win Trump’s accusers the public’s loyalty, it apparently achieved the opposite, somehow swinging working-class and even nonwhite voters toward Republicans in what even Axios this week called a “seismic shift” in American politics.

Apparently, the old saying about how you draw the most flack when you’re directly over the target is playing loud in the ears of most Americans. I would say also that most Americans have caught onto the idea that the Democrats constant harangue against Trump is a cover for their own responsibility on the disaster that we’re currently living through.

Notice, please, Congress is all wrapped up in trying to bring down a popular president so that he can’t resurface but paying no attention at all to the suffering of the American people under their policies. The result is that the American people have in vast majority, been radicalized and United against the left.

And the point here is a prediction: the combination of these two points means only one thing…the Democrat bloodbath coming in November and in 2024 as well, is going to be beyond all expectations. And the Democrats have got nobody to blame but themselves.

The desperation we are seeing from Democrats at the moment is the direct result of their understanding that their time is limited, and power is slipping away from them.