The always worthwhile Kruiser, mentions that tweet from Kevin McCarthy last night that I’ve already run. For completeness, here it is again

Steven looks at this and says:

It would be a huge miracle if this egregious overstep by the Biden administration gave McCarthy the spine we’ve all been waiting for. While seeing the flurry of reaction on social media, I quickly began thinking of what other consequences the Democrats’ extremism might have:

Indeed, McCarthy has been something of a John q Milqtoast about these matters, until now. If he’s finally been pushed over the edge, God bless the edge.

Steven goes on from there:

If there were any undecided voters floating around somewhere in America I can’t imagine that the fence is very comfortable right now. It’s also probably a safe bet that Drooling Joe’s Stasi move guarantees that apathy won’t be a problem for the Republicans.

Almost since the moment that Joe Biden occupied the Oval Office, I’ve been saying that the Democrats were going to screw it up by overreaching, which they’ve been doing. Last night’s raid was obviously their biggest overreach yet, and it came after the Democrats’ and Biden’s most (only?) successful weekend in office.

All they had to do was take the win, but that’s not how Team Overreach works. The White House insists that they knew nothing about the raid, which is the biggest lie from a Democratic administration since Bubba’s “I did not have sexual relations with that woman,” line.

Also, this little tidbit came up this morning. It turns out that the judge who signed the warrant for that raid? He used to work for Jeffrey Epstein. Just let that roll around for a minute.

There’s this, as well.

I’m guessing this particular judge was on friendly terms with the guy who was in charge of the raid. Who was that you ask? He’s the same guy who was in charge of orchestrating that little scandal in Detroit where the Michigan governor was supposedly kidnapped. Observe the conversation between senator Ted Cruz and the current FBI director, Christopher Wray:

Wray could not say if any FBI agent had received discipline or was reprimanded after “the misconduct that led to every defendant being acquitted or having a mistrial on every charge.”

Cruz outlined that the special agent in charge of the Detriot Field Office, Steven D’Antuono, went on to become the assistant director in charge of the Washington, DC office, which Wray confirmed.

Cruz: The special agent in charge of that case has now been sent to D.C. to the Washington, DC office and now leads the investigation regarding January 6. Is that correct?

Wray: That doesn’t sound right to me.

Cruz: That does not sound right, that the name of the individual is Steven D’Antuono? He was run out of the FBI Detroit Field Office.

Wray: Mr. D’Antuono was the special agent in charge of the [Detroit] office, the Detroit Field Office, is now the assistant director in charge of the Washington Field Office.

Cruz: So the guy in charge got promoted and is now in charge of the January 6 investigation.

Wray: The guy in charge of the whole Detroit Field Office is now in charge of the whole Washington Field Office.

Cruz: That is astonishing.

The senator also mentioned that the Washington, DC office, which the FBI special agent is now in charge of, oversees the investigation into January 6, 2021.

I’m old enough to remember when the FBI didn’t seem to feel that Hillary Clinton’s mishandling of classified documents was an offense worth pursuing. Tell me again about how there’s not a two-tier system of justice operating here.

If you’ve got any nose at all, you know this thing stinks to high heaven. I expect that a large majority of voters understand this as well. As Steven says, this situation has probably handed the Republican party both houses of Congress. Always assuming that votes count and aren’t being manipulated by some means.