Former Florida governor Charlie Crist apparently still hasn’t learned the lesson.

Democratic Rep. Charlie Crist, who won Florida’s Democratic gubernatorial primary on Tuesday, declared on Wednesday that he does not want the votes of Floridians who support Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis and suggested that DeSantis backers harbor “hate” within their hearts.

Still playing with the label gun I see, eh, Charlie? I find it interesting that the one complaining about hate can spend so much energy and spit hating anyone who comes down to the right of him. (And trust me, coming down to the right of you Charlie, is no great shakes.)

And no, it’s not hate that you should be worried about. It’s love for the state. If there’s any hatred involved, it has to do with what you did to the state. Coincidentally, that’s also why you were a one-term governor, and why Marco Rubio kicked your butt. Bad as he is, Florida still saw him as being better than you.

Trust me, you won’t have to worry about being Governor again.