There’s a lot to go over here so this is going to take a little bit.

First, go back and read part 1.

Now, let’s listen to the comments of the great one, Mark Levin, recorded prior to the DOJ affidavit being released piecemeal.

Now, the affidavit itself has been released in heavily redacted form. (Some are calling it The zebra files).

None of what remains visible is anything new, and the former FBI agents that I’m hearing are raising questions about the broadness of it. Even a lot of Democrats are raising issues about it.

They’re using words like unconscionable, unprecedented, and clearly unconstitutional. Their words, not mine. All of which deepens my suspicion that this is not a matter of national security but rather a matter of FBI and DOJ security.

Here it is, folks… The raid was itself a desperate move. Obviously they felt they needed evidence. Which in turn means they didn’t have a case. Just as obvious however, is the idea that they didn’t find any evidence.

Think…. So desperate are they, that had they discovered anything in what they overambitiously removed from Trump’s residence, they would already have been laying charges within 24 to 48 hours from the raid. That didn’t happen. The obvious conclusion is, they’ve got nothing, even after rifling through Melena’s lingerie drawer.

However, them having nothing doesn’t mean it’s going to end anytime soon. There is a political advantage to them to be had here by the illusion of Trump’s guilt being continued.

All that said, Mark’s comments about Mitch McConnell are spot on. He and the wondering band of RINOs are a serious impediment to putting a stop to this nonsense. We desperately need to replace the man.. he is exactly the kind of RINO that I described in my column how about establishment Republicans some years ago, which if you haven’t seen it already I urge you to go and read. Pay particular attention to the final paragraph where I suggest that the GOP rank and file was about to drop the bomb on the GOP leadership, such as McConnell.

Certainly, the nomination and the election of Donald Trump over the establishments choice of Jeb Bush would qualify as that at least. A further indication would be the overwhelming success of candidates in primaries who had Trump support.

Then we come to, finally, the enforcement arm of the Democrat party otherwise known as the FBI.

There is been no small amount of commentary these last several weeks about the FBI and the corruption thereof. Most of the commentary seems to be aimed at remediating the problems, redeeming their credibility. There is a knee-jerk instinct, I suppose, that forces some to trust governmental institutions like the FBI. Frankly however, I have long since begun to believe that there is no redemption of their credibility.

Yes, no question,there are a number of people within the organization that are doing their jobs loyally, and well. They have attempted to serve the American people. Then again, harsh as this is, Hitler made the trains run on time.

Again, it’s possible that’s overly harsh but I believe the point is made. While I again Grant then there are a great many of the FBI who do their job loyally and well and if there were a choice I would not call for them to be summarily disposed of.

The fact remains however, that the trust of the American people has been broken whether by many or by a few is immaterial to the conversation. The reason for this is rather simple. Does anybody truly believe that the FBI will ever be fully trusted again?

And don’t tell me about weeding out the few bad apples and continuing on our merry way. That’s simply not going to happen.

Sorry, folks, they’ve been trying to eliminate corruption since the 30s, J Edgar Hoover’s time, and never been completely successful. Mind you this is not a particular fault of the FBI but of any organization so large and so powerful, particularly government run organizations. Power corrupts.

Ask yourself a serious question. Does anybody seriously consider that the FBI will ever be fully trusted again by the American people, particularly after what we’ve been witness to these last 6 years or so? And without that trust, what purpose does the organization serve?