Mark Zuckerberg finally admitted on what we’ve known all along:

The FBI colluded with big tech to squash the Hunter Biden story.

And look, if we know what happened with Facebook, is there any reason whatsoever to believe that it didn’t happen with the other platforms as well?

And then there’s the supposed mainstream news media sitting on the story…

Matt Vespa over at Town Hall:

“How is this not a huge story,” asked Matt Taibbi, the former contributing editor to Rolling Stone. He then faced a deluge of unhinged liberals who just didn’t seem to get that a) the laptop was declared authentic eons ago, and b) the FBI policing speech in the middle of an election is antithetical to American values. The FBI is our leading domestic intelligence agency. As Taibbi noted, their meddling in news distribution should have sent chills down the spines of everyone, especially the American Civil Liberties Union.

Where the hell are they in all of this?

Where, indeed?

One of the reasons why liberals don’t care about this is that their hatred of Trump is so great they’re willing to shred the Constitution to achieve that goal.

True, but let’s not forget the idea that they’re willing to do that, anyway.

Another reason could be that they don’t care because the FBI’s interference helped Democrats, and they’re supportive of the government policing speech they don’t like wholesale. The Left’s growing intolerance of freedom of speech and differing opinions has moved at warp speed since the 2016 election. Tired of having their views shredded in under 30 seconds, liberals now claim that opposing views and voicing them is akin to violence.

So as I’ve suggested already what we have here is the specter of the Federal Bureau of Investigation acting as the enforcement arm of the Democrat party. In other words, they’ve become the Stazi, or the Gestapo depending on which way you want to lean.

I hope that this won’t be the last we hear of this story but given the history of the thing… You know, the thing…