Ladies and gentlemen I’m going to point something out to you that very few people will say.

Consider the idea that instead of Donald Trump winning both the nomination and the election, Ted Cruz had won.
Does anybody think that the left would not have gone equally bat poop crazy in such an event? The fact of the matter is they’re going to Target anybody who comes down to the right of Fidel Castro with the same level of vitriolic nonsense, false claims, bald face lies, etc.

And that’s the lesson here going forward. Anybody that conservatives choose to run is going to face the same hail storm that Donald Trump did. So don’t let the reaction of the Democrats enter into your calculations on whom to choose in the slightest.

Indeed I’m going to suggest to you that if a GOP candidate doesn’t drive the left up a wall, you want nothing to do with them.

Remember that the flack is always the hottest over the target.