In The Federalist this morning:

Democratic lawmakers in California passed a colossal taxpayer giveaway to allied interest groups this summer just months before the November midterms. In June, the Democratic supermajority in Sacramento approved the “Workers Tax Fairness Credit,” a first-of-its-kind subsidy for union dues allowing unionized employees to claim state dollars for membership.

How forcing everybody else to subsidize their union membership constitutes “fairness” never quite gets explained.

The far easier way to explain it is to suggest that they are buying votes from union members, and the money that goes into union dues regardless of whether it comes from taxpayer funding or comes from the pockets of union members, rolls right back into the coffers of the Democrat party.

Fairness has nothing to do with this, and maintaining Democrat party power has everything to do with it. Indeed, it’s not rank and file Democrats, or even rank and file union members that will benefit from this. Merely the elite in the Democrat party.