An online medical journal called Cureus, has posted a peer-reviewed study indicating that ivermectin is quite worthwhile in the fight against the man-made virus covid-19.

The systematically collected data within this program demonstrated that ivermectin used as prophylaxis for COVID-19 improved COVID-19 related-outcomes. The use of ivermectin led to a 44% reduction in infection rate, a 56% reduction in hospitalization rate, and a 68% reduction in mortality rate by using propensity score matching (PSM) to balance the study groups.
So, we had something on hand that was already effective against the disease. When the Trump White House pointed this out, Anthony Fauci got up on his hind legs, and told us this was all nonsense that it wouldn’t work. That we needed booster after booster.

We need a serious Congressional investigation into this… And we aren’t going to get it so long as Democrats remain in power.