Just something to think about along these lines…

There is nothing on the planet, no physical reality, that doesn’t owe its existence to something else. Somebody always created it.

Personally, I see no conflict whatsoever between the Big Bang Theory and creation. God creating a universe would make kind of a big bang after all.

But if we except for some reason the idea that, like everything else around us, the universe itself, owes its existence to something else, what? To what or to whom does it owe it’s existence and what kind of nature would they have?

At the very least, two points emerge here.

The implication of The Big Bang Theory as embraced by most atheists is that the universe did not always exist. That is somehow a point that they never get around to mentioning directly.

Whatever / whoever created the universe is beyond physicality as we understand it. Where, after all, assuming a physical being, would such a being exist?

As a bonus,….

The more we learn about the physical universe, and about ourselves, the more we begin to understand that there was an intelligence here that is superior to our own… rather obviously Superior to our own, because we still don’t understand all of it. And probably, never will.