I’ll be right up front with you and say that I’ve never liked Bill Maher. That said, his advancing years have apparently started catching up with his logic and he’s actually making sense these days in a lot of cases, and this is one of them:

“Real Time” host Bill Maher predicted that the passing of Queen Elizabeth II will mark the end of the British people’s total “reverence” towards the Royal Family.

I pointed out yesterday the fervor with which now- King Charles echoes the climate change idiocy. With the energy shortages being faced by the UK and for that matter the rest of Europe, I rather suspect that the British people are going to be rather intolerant of Charles worshiping on the altar of climate change, as they shiver in the dark.

I can’t imagine, for example, him not putting a stop to the prime minister removing the fracking ban that Brits have suffered under for years, but can easily imagine his approval of limiting prices by governmental fiat, which of course will do nothing but create even more catastrophic shortages.

It has been suggested that Queen Elizabeth was the last adult in the room, at least in so far as the royal family is concerned. That’s a point that I agree on.

As a measure of this…It was suggested earlier today but at least one GOP establishment type with a berth at the totally embarrassing Weekly Standard, which I refuse to link to, that Queen Elizabeth’s personal politics we’re always kept in the background, muted.

I beg to differ. Her overt admiration for Lady Thatcher and of Ronald Reagan, to name two conservative greats would seem to make that out a lie. The RINO worshiping Weekly Standard has never been a fan of actual conservatives and so this fundamental misunderstanding of the Queen is to be expected.

By contrast, go back and look at the video of then -Prince Charles that I posted the other day. Anyone, particularly world leaders who spend so much time worshiping at the feet of hucksters like John Kerry, simply have not grown up yet.

The foibles and misdoings of the remainder of the British royal family are something of legend, even here in the ‘states. I suspect we are going to see more immaturity on full display over the next many days leading up to the Queens funeral and burial. The public clashes amongst the royal family over all of this are likely going to rival Hollywood 90210 for absurd drama.

I have to give her majesty credit for this; she kept that kind of nonsense down to a dull roar amongst her family. I suspect however, that the check on those matters exited the room when she did.

To my mind it’s an open question as to whether or not the British people will continue to take the royal family seriously after this.

I suspect it won’t take long to answer that question; winter, after all, is fast approaching.