There is nothing else but hypocrisy to call this reaction from the Democrats over seeing illegal immigrants being transported to their supposed sanctuary cities. It’s both amazing and telling, the turnaround, the complete 180 the Democrats do when they are forced to live with the consequences of their own policies.

They’re just fine with someone else having to deal with the problems that they create, (particularly the cost…) …but when they themselves have to deal with the problems that they have created, it becomes a different story altogether. Tucker Carlson lays this one out very well indeed;

As far as I’m concerned what Florida and Texas have been doing is sheer genius.

They’re forcing the sanctuary City Democrats to live up to their rhetoric and the Democrats don’t like it because they’re finding out they can’t.

Addendum: Ed Driscoll is watching this story too. He reposts a sign that Carlson mentions:

I’m reminded of a song from the National Lampoon Radio Dinner album, the name of which I can’t mention here for fear of “offending”. The album is available on YouTube.

Look up the track that starts out ” pull those triggers”. It’s also available in written form elsewhere online.

And with the existence of that recording you will notice that not much has changed. Radio Dinner was recorded in 1972 or 73, I believe. And yet National Lampoon was viciously chiding the reality detached left for their empty virtue signaling on these matters, even way back then. And keep in mind, National Lampoon was never a bastion of right-wing thinking by any stretch of the imagination.

What’s changed?

Well, The virtue signaling is working, to the point where I can’t even mention the full title of the track. Other than that, not much has changed. The left was, even way back then, virtue signaling, but totally unwilling to put their own money and their own lives where their mouths were.

There’s a pattern here…


Update: the Democrat Governor of Massachusetts has called out the National guard to remove the diversity from Martha’s vineyard.

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