From Lawrence Person’s Battleswarm Blog

Peter Zeihan says the abysmal performance of the Russian Army is going to have a whole lot of ramifications around the world, many in Russia’s own near abroad. “It means that the image of the Russians as a regional power, much less a global one, is gone, and it’s not coming back.”

Nature abhors vacuum. Russia has been a longstanding problem, but it certainly doesn’t have the power and depth it once did, and soon it won’t have any power at all, really.

The Biden administration may seriously believe that they are defeating Russia and thereby solving all our issues in that area of the world. Given this administration’s proclivity for screwing up even the most basic governmental function, I think we can be assured of unintended consequences.

The real issue is what will rush into replace the vacuum left by Russia’s departure. Whatever it ends up being, it’s nearly a lock -sure bet that we’re not going to like it.

With our depleted weapons stocks and our depleted energy supply and our totally decimated manufacturing capability, we’re not going to be in much of a position to do anything about it for at least a few years. By which point, of course it’ll be too late.