There is a plan surrounding this headlong rush to reverse America’s industrial revolution. And it’s already in play…

The plan is really simple. Implode America from within by their own hands. Force Americans away from plentiful oil, natural gas and coal and into unreliable wind and solar power and electrical vehicles.

Over tax the already burdened electrical grid by selling electric vehicles, and banning gasoline vehicles.

Then when the power grid nationwide fails, Americans won’t be able to get to work and even if they could, factories would not be able to run and produce without power. Few of us have generators and even then, the generators can only run a handful of items, they do not produce enough energy to power a full home and factories because they need natural gas or propane or, (gasp!) gasoline to run.

It will bring down our economy putting us just in front of the Stone age again. Meanwhile the economies of China and Russia flourish because of already out of policies. Guess what they’ll do when that happens?

A look at the Russian gas lines into Central Europe says it’s already happening there.