Apparently, nobody remembers Democrats claiming that John Kerry didn’t get the white house because of election irregularities. To the point where Patty Murray actually opened her maw and started spouting exactly that claim recently.  Hogan Gidley over at Real Clear Politics breaks this down rather nicely:

The faith, trust, and confidence in our election process has been in steep decline for decades. Concerns over hanging chads and dimpled ballots from 2000’s presidential election may now have been replaced with questions about photo ID and drop boxes – but the overall result is the same: The American people simply don’t trust the outcome of elections.

No kidding?

In fact, recent polls show only 57% of voters believe Joe Biden was legitimately elected in 2020. Similarly, just 61% of Americans believe Trump legitimately won in 2016.

Ok, but why?

The radical left recently attempted to strip away that right with a law that would give the federal government control over your local elections. It failed in Congress in large part because the left tried to make you believe the lie that the same federal government that botched the Afghanistan withdrawal leaving Americans behind, that loses more than $60 billion a year in Medicare fraud, and that could not stop hackers from stealing $100 billion from COVID relief funds could somehow run your state elections. Additionally, the bill was basically a blank check to cheat. It banned photo ID requirements to vote, prevented states from cleaning up their voter rolls, and forced states to provide drop boxes for absentee ballots with no security protocols, just to name a few.

So maybe Patty Murray ought to be looking at her own house?