1966. In ten years the planet runs out of oil.
1967. Widespread famine by 1972.
1970. Humanity will exhaust all natural resources by 2000.
1970. City dwellers will need oxygen mask no later than 1985.
1970. We will have a new ice age no later than the year 2000.
1970. Americans will have to ration water and food no later than 1974 and 1980 respectively.
1971. A new ice age will be established in 2020.
1972. The planet runs out of oil in 20 years.
1974. Satellites show new ice age approaching.
1976. Scientists confirm that the planet is cooling and famine is imminent.
1978. Gradual cooling has already begun and will last for 30 years.
1980. Acid rain will kill all life in lakes
1988. The Maldives Islands will be swallowed by the waters in 2018 at the latest.
2002. Widespread hunger will set in within 10 years if we don’t stop eating fish, meat and dairy products.
2004. Britain will look like Siberia by 2024 at the latest
2005. Manhattan Island will be underwater by 2015 at the latest.
2008. All Arctic glaciers will disappear completely by 2018.
2009. Humanity has only 50 days left to avoid a climate catastrophe.
2014. We only have 500 days until climate chaos sets in.