Yes, I’ve seen the chatter about Kanye West looking to buy a social media site. Several points here.First, let’s be straight up about this, the guy is an insufferable jerk. He is a prime example of the difference between believing that you are extraordinarily talented and actually being extraordinarily talented.

Admittedly he does get an occasional point right, like for example taking a dump on BLM, and that whole crowd, but the man is such an jerk on the whole that it’s difficult to take him seriously on any subject. I find his swelled head distasteful at least and his anti-Semitism totally unacceptable.

But notice something, please. The denizens of the little paragraph factory in Queens, have decided… ( all evidence to the contrary) that Kanye West is a right-wing figure. You can’t make this stuff up.I’ve got a news flash for the Times, and this news is both actually news and fit to print; he’s nothing of the sort, and your labeling him as such tells me just how far out of touch you are with reality.

Personally I give Parler how about 6 months.