Tulsi Gabbard has decided she can no longer call herself a Democrat. Watch:

Okay, her reasoning is sound and I find her comments encouraging in that they indicate that even for the staunchest of Democrats, there is a limit to what they will deal with from their own party.

That said however, one of my first thoughts was to Glenn Greenwald, who I publicly labeled the least honest writer in the sphere, back in the day. Like Gabbard, he finally reached to the international ‘enough’ line, and his writings since then have reflected that change.

The thing is in both cases there’s an issue of trust, now. The question becomes after such a change, did they finally see the error of their ways or is it simply that they noticed the torches and pitchforks coming up the road?

So, it comes down to this: Everybody understands clearly that the Democrats are going to get spanked big time come November. Whatever else Gabbard is, she’s not a complete idiot. Seeing the Red Wave that’s coming, did she simply assume that changing labels was a way to hang on to her seat?

Arlen Specter was unavailable for comment.