I’m just going to release my notes on this because the story is still developing. The flow of the post here is going to be a little choppy but such is the nature of my notes. It’s how I develop posts. But in this case, I think it’s best you see my thoughts as they developed.

So Paul Pelosi got attacked with a hammer? That’s okay, Nancy’s been getting hammered for years and we barely noticed.

Look, I’m not buying the reports we’re seeing on this. You see, the one thing that I’m absolutely sure about is it about 20% of this story is true.

First of all, aren’t there guards in this compound? Even assuming there weren’t, it strikes me as interesting that while Nancy Pelosi wants to disarm us, the police couldn’t protect her husband in a rich neighborhood. Funny thing about that, the police refused to comment on existing security in the compound or for that matter how this guy managed to get in… Or why nobody noticed a guy running through the streets of San Francisco and his underwear.

One poster on Twitter put it this way:

My firm served a lawsuit against Paul Pelosi one time in SF after attempting to serve at other residences—Napa, Georgetown. They weren’t home, but staff were, & multiple law enforcement officers were on the perimeter. Break-in is odd given this level of security.

Secondly, at the news conference the police were emphatic about both Paul Pelosi and his would be attacker having hammers in their hands. I can’t even imagine what the setup on that would have been. I suppose we’ll see if that part of the story lasts.

(Update, supposedly there was only one hammer and when the police got there it was Pelosi who had the hammer)

Would this have been set up by the Democrat party? I doubt it, because it runs directly afoul of their constant chant of “Crime problem? What crime problem?” But, it is interesting that it falls so close to election day.

Could have been some deranged right winger? Doubtful. The supposed attacker… One David dePape, is from Berkeley. Not exactly a bastion of right-wing thinking, that place. Supposedly, he’s a Castro nudist protester according to one report. No, I have no idea what that is, either.

Now we’re being told that the guy with the hammer in his underwear was “a friend”. One cannot help but wonder if it wasn’t a friend with “benefits” . It would explain his mode of dress. This is San Francisco after all. Certainly, the motivation for the attack would be explained easily enough that way… If that’s what’s going on here, I think we can rest assured that the two of them were not observing the cdc’s social distancing recommendations.

You know when Rand Paul was attacked, (and very nearly killed by the way), one of the Pelosi kids chirped up, saying that Rand Paul’s attacker was right. Just saying…