Let’s try a little thought experiment.
One of the standard complaints from the people that want to kill off the oil companies and cram us all into electric go karts, is that the oil companies once they had us all burning gasoline could do whatever they wanted to do in terms of pump price. Well that’s not true but ponder this one…

With government subsidies in place we are putting up electric generating wood Mills all over the place. It’s been shown several times over that those things won’t generate enough power over their lifetime to pay for the cost of their installation and upkeep, at least not at current prices.

Those last six words are the rub. You see, we’re being told how much cheaper electric transportation is.. and that may be true at the moment but at some point somebody’s going to have to pay the cost of installation and upkeep for those windmill generators to say nothing of the added electrical grid that will be required to deal with the added load of chargers all over the place.

If we’re honest about this, the cost of electric cars will be prohibitive, being far in excess of what we pay for transportation now. They know this. Think, now, would they be continuing to put these windmills up all over the country with no hope whatsoever of recouping their investment?

The only logical conclusion to draw is that we are being played, and that diving headfirst into the pool of battery powered cars is short sighted at best.