From American Greatness:

Better yet, as Matt Walsh and Michael Knowles noted, our best response to this trash—beyond Hell, no—is military tribunals for all the little fascists who demanded lockdowns, public and private vaccine mandates, the firing of cops and firemen, ruthless mask mandates, and even the firing of active duty soldiers, sailors, airmen and Marines for refusing the vaccine. So much for “supporting the troops”! All the while, let’s not forget, the little fascists sincerely hoped everyone questioning all of the above would just die already. So no, I’m not for “COVID amnesty.” Those responsible should be happy with life in jail and the loss of pensions and benefits.

Indeed. We need to prevent such things from ever happening again, and serious jail time for the culprits is the only way to do that. We can start, but certainly not end our efforts with one Anthony Fauci.

As the article points out, the was no excuse whatever for what they did to us.

As for being in the dark, that’s because said freaks chose to remain there so they could let their inner fascist run wild. Within weeks, well-credentialed science and health specialists were warning about the unreliable science behind masks, forced lockdowns in senior care facilities, and the potential long-term harm masking and isolation would cause to young people. All of these objections were met with threats, professional derision, and cancellation by the people who are now calling for absolution.

Shall we mention the deaths still happening, as a result of the little power rush these brown shirts had, as we see more evidence of the jab causing otherwise inexplicable deaths among otherwise healthy young folks?  As I said previously, the legacy of these animals will forever be mother’s father’s and grandparents dying… Alone… In a nursing home, cut off from their families and friends by these cretins, while they publicly ignored the draconian measures imposed on us mere peasants.

As I said last April:

For a little over a year and a half, the last months of my mother’s life, we were not allowed to visit her… This wasn’t just a situation of putting stress on myself and my brother and my sister, this put a larger stress on my mom. I am firmly convinced that she died as much from loneliness as from the other medical problems that she suffered from at age 98.

As a result of that, and being perfectly blunt with you, I want Anthony Fauci’s head on a platter, along with the head of anyone else responsible for the illegal research which led to so many being negatively affected, often to their deaths.

Angry? You’re damn right I’m angry.

Look, we can argue all day long about whether or not the lockdowns were appropriate. We can argue all day long about whether or not the government’s reaction to the spread of covid-19 was the correct one to take. Personally, I believe the governmental response was totally inappropriate, directed as it was by people who had no clue what they were dealing with.

However, all of that ignores the larger question of responsibility and culpability for the creation of the virus in the first place. A good deal of that lack was caused by the people who were responsible for the virus being created and spread, being charged with directing the worldwide response to it. They were so busy trying to cover their own backsides, that a correct response to the virus became an impossibility.

Depending on the people who caused the problem, and are more interested in covering their backsides than solving the problem is probably not the best path to a solution, as a rule.

Well, they succeeded in covering their own backsides… That being their priority… in that we have never seen any criminal prosecutions as a result of the millions of deaths caused by this gain of function research that Fauci signed off on.

But more than just the folks who died are involved here… there needs to be Justice levied for the amount of stress placed on people around the world because of those illegal actions. The survivors you see, need Justice too.

The call for Amnesty from these criminals is totally predictable, and should be totally ignored as we investigate and prosecute them.

Every last one of them.

I believe that the responsibility for starting that ball rolling falls to the soon to be elected Republican Congress…. And I wonder if they will have the stones to perform that task