Details at the Ace of Spades HQ

Hell if you’ll remember back in 2019, when he got canned from Fox News…

(Yes I’m aware that the leadership at Fox LED on that he has to be let out of his contract. First of all, I think that’s a line of garbage.. that was the image that they wanted to leave, I will guarantee you that it was part of his exit deal, but secondly it seemed to me at the time and to many others that Fox was quite eager to see his back as he walked out the door… I’m telling you he got canned, or was about to be if he didn’t leave… And the reason was is viewership numbers were in the toilet.) To say the very least he was very one-sided and usually against the majority of the American people. As it turns out that probably wasn’t the best approach to generate popularity for his shows. Example:

Anyway I said (rather sarcastically) back in 2019, that I expected him to be giving continuous updates on MSNBC that they expect to have evidence of Russian collusion with the Trump team “any day now” . Turned out that prediction wasn’t far wrong. And my friends, that’s precisely why he’s gone now.

Even CNBC has finally had enough.

And yes, there’s some speculation on this point, but I can’t help but wonder if this dismissal doesn’t have something to do with the bloodbath that the people he’s been defending for the last several years are about to undergo at the ballot box.