Once these midterm elections go by there will be a short period of price spikes. Those price spikes are what would have happened and if the Democrats haven’t been trying to buy your votes by cutting gasoline taxes by draining the strategic petroleum reserve. What’s the Democrats lose their grip on power, all that’s will be off. All their attempts at mitigation of the price spikes that they caused will disappear, because they have no reason to remove the suffering of the American people

In fact, it will be to their advantage they will believe to blame that suffering on the newly elected Republican Congress.

Prices will come back down but not till at least mid January after the new Congress is had an opportunity to deal with the idiotic policies we’ve been running under for the last couple of years.

Lunch, also, in all of this for the usual finger pointing during those price spikes. The Democrats are going to be trying to blame everybody but themselves for what we’re going to be dealing with or two.

You will know very well what I’m talking about when you see it.