• Despite their claims to the contrary, the people that are pointing fingers at Donald Trump for the less the ideal outcome of election day were never Trumpers to begin with. These are people that have never gotten over Jeb Bush being rejected by the rank and file GOP voter. In other words, this was an attack waiting for an excuse.
  • The time has come for the GOP rank and file the seriously asked whether or not Governor DeSantis is merely the latest iteration of the GOP establishment critter.
  • The data point constantly mentioned by the poll takers is that 75 some odd percent of the voters believed the country was going in the wrong direction. Trouble is, they apparently never bothered asking what the voters thought was the right direction. Or, if they did, they never bothered telling us the answer.
  • The changing state by state population Dynamics play a good deal larger in this election then anybody figured on. To exemplify this, I’ve got a thought for you, and it’s not fully formed yet but you’ll see where I’m going I think.
    Florida is taking in on the order of 850 to 900 people a day the last I knew. The statistics that we have available suggest that they are mostly coming from deep blue States like New York Pennsylvania and Michigan.

    With that in mind let’s look closely at the Lee Zelden campaign. He actually ran quite a good campaign. He hit every county in the state, and did all the hard work that you would expect from a good candidate.

    He lost by something like five points. It seems reasonable to suggest the reason for that loss is that the people who would have voted for him moved to Florida.

    Now do you understand the comments from the Democrats like Cuomo, saying that if you’re a pro-life conservative you have no place in New York?