There are still a number of races that haven’t been called yet as I write this but it seems clear that there are a number of things to take away from last night. The signs we are getting from the early returns are at least confusing. They speak to a pattern which does not mesh well with what we were getting from the polling data.

Which of course means either the polling data was wrong or the vote has been tampered with. Those two are not mutually exclusive but there’s no other possible conclusions to draw. I won’t speculate on either one of those possibilities until I get it clearer picture what’s going on. That said, there are several points which are clear:

Among them, it that the Joe Biden promise of “uniting America” has been proven to be the LIE it always was. Like it or not, America is still as divided as it has ever been, perhaps. more so.

If I read the signs from the individual voting districts correctly, it would appear that where Democrats have carried the day it was in the large heavily populated cities. No surprise, this is something I’ve noted in previous elections.

Taking that observation to step further, I note that where Democrats won governorships their states are dominated by the largest cities in the nation. Example, New York City and Detroit.

Outside of those two examples however Republican governors did pretty well.  I have also observed in previous election results postings that group think is far easier to produce and maintain in such places. The takeaway here is, that hasn’t changed.

There is a fair amount of evidence that there were significant violations of election law yesterday, for example in Pennsylvania where illegal electioneering for Shapiro and for Fetterman was caught on video. You can bet that nothing will be done about it.

Suspiciously, Maricopa county Arizona and Essex county New jersey, we’re saddled with machines that couldn’t count the votes. I say suspiciously because both of these areas are known to produce high numbers of Republican voters. Nothing to see here, citizen, going on about your lives. Far from being the only places where such things happened, but the most glaring.

Then there’s the muddled message being sent by the GOP establishment which still hasn’t gotten over the idea that the GOP rank and file has utterly rejected that go along to get along attitude of the establishment elite.

The message to that GOP establishment is you either stand behind Trump or you lose. The trouble there is they don’t mind losing so long as an actual conservative doesn’t win, as I observed in the past. Remember these are the people that spent 45 years trying to disassociate themselves from Ronald Reagan.

Far better off had Trump arranged for the removal of the establishment types from within the upper echelons of the party as priority one, back in 2016.

Put more succinctly, if we could get the establishment GOP out of the way the Democrats wouldn’t be nearly the problem that they are electorally speaking.

I’m still digesting the data and I have no doubt I will have more to say.