Jeff Goldstein compiles what we have on this business thus far:

Here’s what we know: an itinerant and often homeless pedophilic illegal alien drug abuser and sometimes male prostitute with a litany of prior felonies and an extensive history of mental illness — who’d been living in a dilapidated bus just outside a Berkeley hippie commune and known drug den festooned with a BLM banner, a rainbow pride flag modeled on the US flag, dotted with marijuana leafs where the stars normally appear, and featuring a sign that read “Berkeley is no home for hate” — entered the home of Paul and Nancy Pelosi at about 2 am Friday, and then, with police on the scene, struck Mr Pelosi twice in the head with a hammer. Ms Pelosi and her security detail were not in town. No alarm was triggered by the break in, and no security was present at the home at the time of the incident. Mr Pelosi called 911 from his bathroom to report the intruder before winding up somewhere near where police entered the premises, struggling with his assailant over a hammer.

Supposedly the assailant use the hammer to break a window to get in. Only one problem with that scenario is the glass was piled on the ground outside the door, not on the floor inside the door. In other words, whatever broke that window was already inside the house.

And I’m still waiting for the security video.