Interesting read at Legal Insurrection this morning.

With all signs pointing to a red wave in next week’s midterm elections, Democrats are already in the process of stomping their feet and beginning the finger-pointing ahead of the anticipated losses that some political experts predict could be of pretty epic proportions. For instance, some Democratic strategists have suggested that the real problem in some key House races is not the Democrat nominees themselves but the state’s governors, who the strategists say are “dragging down the rest of the ballot”.

Over the last two years, the focus has unquestionably been Democrat party policy as represented by the Biden administration. Certainly, there are governors such as New York and California which have become targets, but on the whole the focus has been on the national front.

Consider: In those two years, the Democrats have had nothing blocking their agenda. They have the White House and both houses of Congress as well as a willing stenographer in the mainstream media. This is not a case of Democrat party philosophies and policies being imperfectly implemented, or being blocked.

Rather, this is a case of those policies and philosophies being perfectly implemented. Those policies and philosophies are themselves flawed and are therefore the core problem.

You’ll never see Democrats mentioning that. They have never understood, (or, perhaps more accurately, have never allowed themselves to understand) that it is their policies that are their biggest liability.

This time around will be no different. It’s a lot easier for them to blame individuals within the party, and political strategy than it is to blame the philosophical basis of the party.

It’s to the point now where even the Democrat party rank and file in large numbers understand this, and are reacting accordingly. As I’ve often said, there is nothing that can create GOP voters faster and more permanently than Democrat policy.

And by the way, the primary season on the Democrat side for 2024 I predict will be extremely nasty. Desperation will do that to you.