And so now we have Josh Hawley saying that this most recent election was a funeral for the GOP.

Actually, no… The funeral for the establishment GOP happened a long time ago Josh. You just weren’t smart enough to pick up on it. The rank and file utterly rejected what the establishment GOP offered up and instead dominated and elected Donald Trump.

That rebellion started a long time ago, before Trump was even a blip on the political radar. Remember when the GOP voters sat on their hands when the establishment tried to force John McCain, Mitt Romney and most recently Jeb Bush down our throats?

The Establishment has been mightily trying to overcome that ever since that has failed.

The fact the matter is that the rank and file GOP voter is far more conservative than anything that either the Democrats or the establishment GOP has coughed up in 50 years, with two exceptions:

Ronald Reagan
Donald Trump

Both of whom I note with annoyance the GOP establishment has spent millions of dollars, and lost many elections trying to separate themselves from. In other words, The Establishment still hasn’t gotten the message.