I firmly believe that the ideal GOP ticket for 2024 would be Trump – DeSantis.

Yes I’m aware there’s animosity at the moment between the two, but I’m going to give you several ideas to think about.

Author Mark Twain once observed that if you take a stray dog in and make him prosperous, he won’t bite you. This, he observed, is the principal difference between men and dogs.

The difference between a starving dog and Governor DeSantis is that DeSantis will bite you after you make him prosperous, as Donald Trump has been recently finding out.

So there is no mistaking my thought here, I will tell you flat out that I think the actions of Governor DeSantis as regards Donald Trump opportunistic and ungrateful, and frankly I have difficulty putting any degree of trust in such an individual. I suspect and will suppose that I am far from alone in this. The governor wouldn’t even be in that position absent Trump’s involvement and backing.

National elections, particularly the contentious ones as 2024 Doubtless will be, are a crucible in which we burn away candidates who are not qualified. At least, that’s how it’s supposed to work.

Teamed up, those two could do great things together but to make that happen the governor needs to get over himself and realize that neither he nor Trump can bring about the policies on a national scale that both he and Trump … And the voters…want.

The governor has two years to mend some fences to make this happen, and frankly I wonder if he has the integrity to do it.

If the governor decides that he can’t bring himself to do that, not only will he fail in the 2024 election but so will the GOP. And believe me, the Democrats are salivating with that thought… Because they know there is nobody else that the GOP establishment is going to push through the primary process who will get any better response from the rank and file voters than Mitt Romney, Jeb Bush, and John McCain got.

The message for the governor and for the GOP establishment is precisely the same message: embrace Trump, or fail. There are no other options.