It’s amazing… suddenly the Democrats are concerned about the Constitution. And unsurprisingly, the establishment GOP is going along with them.

The problem is this:

The Constitution was written with the assumption that it would be dealing with Honorable people. People who wouldn’t think about altering vote counts for example. The founders never dreamed of today’s Democrat party in their worst nightmares.

For that matter, who would have dreamed 2 years ago that the Democrat party would become a bunch of raving flag waving constitutionalists? Certainly not anyone who was watching what they were saying… And doing… At the time, and since. Wasn’t it just a week ago that we heard the Democrats telling us that the first amendment is not? absolute? And don’t get me started on is their attitude regarding the second amendment, or the 10th.

Certainly, Donald Trump is treading on dangerous ground when he starts talking about bypassing the constitution.

Actually, you need to read what he actually said, and actually understand it.

However the question becomes, what, then, is the remedy for the level of fraud that we are exposed to? I suggested 2 years ago that we were going to see a constitutional crisis out of this. It just took a little longer than I figured to surface.

I would suggest that we look at the Chad counts in Florida a few years back as an example of situations that neither the federal constitution, and in the case of Florida, the state constitution, never addressed.

It seems to me likely that this is only going to be resolved with USSC rulings.