From The Federalist:

According to a now-unavailable LinkedIn profile discovered by journalist Andy Ngo, Jeff Carlton, whose prior work included serving as a federal intelligence officer, became the leading member of Twitter’s Strategic Response Team (SRT) last month. As revealed in a batch of “Twitter Files” released by reporter Bari Weiss on Thursday, SRT is one of the main groups at Twitter tasked with shadowbanning conservative accounts and tweets on the platform.

Guys name is Jeff Carlton. And look what I found:

He’s not the only one, as is being pointed out by the discussion Ngo started. The New York Post point up another example the other day:

And as I go to publish this, word is Jim Helminski, ex-Director of the Secret Service says the Secret Service is not being honest regarding January 6.

It’s down to the point now where only the useful idiots can deny the connections. Which of course, they’re now down to doing, since there is no other defense.

Consider, though:

Should all of the news outlets that denied shadow banning was occurring be banned for disinformation? And what is to be done with all of the news outlets that denied shadow banning was occurring? Should they themselves be banned for disinformation? If you can be jailed without due process for simply being in the capitol on J6, shouldn’t there be serious consequences for this kind of election interference?

As for the need for a proven conspiracy?

No, it’s both less and more complex than that. All you really need is a bunch of people,similarly indoctrinated with the misbegotten notion that government is, and should be, the end all and be all. Government run education, for one thing. Their heads have been filled with the toxic notion that government should be all powerful. Law schools, J schools, etc, same problem.

How could the output of such orgs be anything else?

They’ll act on those ideas on their own, since that’s now what they think… That’s who they are….No actual conspiracy required.

After years of conservatives being purged from the military and from the Intel fields, and the ever increasing influence of the federal government in education, is the trend we see here, that so many from those fields are involved in such actions, really such a surprise?