For those of you who don’t know, I spent a number of years in the broadcast business. Back in the seventies and eighties, when I was cutting a career path here in Rochester Keith Olbermann was doing the same thing in LA and basically trashing his own career.

Yeah, no kidding. He was working the local stations out there as a sportscaster. Let’s just say the reputation he got out there even in nutty California, was not a good one.

About that time, the LA Times, which was still a newspaper back then, had a Sports TV Critic named Larry Stewart. His comments on Olbermann made it clear that he thought Olberman was best described as a pompous jerk. He took pleasure in ripping him a new one at every opportunity.

Of course even then, Olberman would reply with other nonsense a lot of hate, a lot of bile, a lot of spittle and little else.

So now by way of Red State, we see nothing has changed.

A lot of people on the left are melting down over Twitter suspending some members of the liberal media, allegedly for doxxing Elon Musk by passing along a link to someone who was tracking him in real-time. Musk had already announced that doxxing was a suspendable offense after someone he called a “crazy stalker” went after his family. Some decided they wanted to test that anyway. But Musk let them know they weren’t “special” — if they were involved in doxxing, they were going to be treated just like everyone else.

Among the people hit with a suspension was Keith Olbermann. I think he was the one person that folks on both sides of the aisle weren’t particularly disturbed to see get the temporary boot. Although I think my colleague Jim Thompson is missing him because he makes a perfect template for mocking cartoons.

Personally I can’t think of a better candidate for being taken off social media. There was a time when good old Keith was good for a laugh. That, however, ended quite a while ago.

His recent tirades indicate rather clearly that he can’t operate in a fair society. I would be a liar if I didn’t say it’s fun to watch a loathsome creature like that implode. Just keep your hands and feet away from his mouth, kids. The rather foamy mustache is the first clue.

Meantime I wonder if Elon Musk actually understands the service that he has provided the country?


I find it very amusing that the left is now complaining about the suspension of journalists. Does nobody remember one Twitter suspended an entire newspaper for the crime of doing actual journalism?