I have been saying for a long time now, that it was no accident that Vladimir Putin waited until such time as Joe Biden was in the oval office before he invaded Ukraine.

But let’s look a little deeper at that. What specific actions of Biden brought about the invasion of the Ukraine?

Two things.

First, Putin understands that unlike Trump, Biden will never responding to direct fashion militarily to Russia’s expansionism.

The other reason is the price of oil.

Do a little research on the time frames when Russia invaded one of its neighbors, the Crimean region for example. If you’re Sharp enough, you may noticethat every time the price of oil went up, Vladimir Putin invaded somebody.

8 years of Obama, oil prices high, (mostly because of the myth of global warming and the government responding to that with after having created that myth.) We all know Vladimir Putin’s actions during those years.

Donald Trump comes along, and opens American production of domestic oil and gas causing not only providing a very strong American economy, but the price of oil worldwide drops precipitously. Vladimir Putin stays home.

( And by the way, even with oil consumption up America’s carbon footprint still went down quite a bit. It’s going back up since the shortsightedness of the Democrats has taken hold of our government.)

Joe Biden who like Obama, worships on the altar of the myth of global warming, that tells us no more oil companies.. no drilling, no fracking, no permits. The government starts pushing at his behest, electric cars. And in his myopic vision everything runs off of electricity.

What happens? Price of oil skyrockets, and along with that happening Vladimir Putin getting militaristic and invading Ukraine.

If I remember correctly it was John McCain who once remarked that Russia was it gas station masquerading as a country. In my view, it’s one of the few things at that idiot ever got correct. That said, Vladimir Putin understood that equation long before John McCain did.

In reality the same thing can be said about Iran, Saudi Arabia and so on. Each has certainly been more active on the world stage with the increased price of oil.

Put another way, with cheap oil to megalomaniacs and the dirt scratchers in those countries are contained. When the price of oil starts going up in response to the shortages created by our government, they’re able to fund their warlike intentions.

My friends, the conclusion is obvious that the world is a much more dangerous place because of the energy policy of the Democrats. It’s really that simple and that’s straightforward.

Add to that the consequences to these United States and the rest of the world economically, and you have ample reason for turning the situation around by turning the valves open on American oil and gas.

The Democrats aren’t going to let that happen while they have the power to stop it.

It certainly pertinent to ask whose side they are on. Certainly, not yours or mine. Certainly, not America. Certainly, not a peaceful world.