Back in the days of Jimmy Carter, American car manufacturers we’re forced by government mismanagement created oil shortages, to create some of the worst cars in American history. The Chevy chevette. The Ford pinto. The Chevy Vega. The Ford Fairmount. And so on and so on.

The history of these much maligned beasts is fairly well known. All of them were rushed through the design process and out onto the market to answer a governmentally created crisis. As a result of that hurry up, their resulting quality, drivability, and safety were at best sub par.

Ultimately the problems that caused the oil shortages were solved by two things: The ballot box, and the free market.

We were told through those years by the environmental whack job left that we were killing the planet and we were running out of oil. Of course, neither charge proved true. The planet is doing fine, and suddenly we found more oil than we know what to do with. Until Joe Biden.

It got to the point where the only way that the environmental whack job left was going to succeed in its vision was to openly declare war on the oil industry using the power of government to shut it down. And so Joe Biden did precisely that.

We find ourselves in a remarkably similar situation to the Jimmy Carter years. Same political party, same political goals, same result. A governmentally induced oil shortage, and the government insisting that we move to rather hastily designed and Ill thought out electric vehicles. Which by many accounts have some serious flaws in them.

One would have thought that we would have learned our lesson the first time around.