Some observation of psychologically weak men throughout history, and what they have done would seem to expose as a lie the idea that tough men are any kind of a threat to our society.

Just now, we’re Kevin McCarthy keeps going vote after vote and down in flames on each occasion tells us clearly that the GOP establishment still hasn’t gotten the message. There’s a reason why romney, mccain, and Jeb Bush were rejected by the GOP voter. It is imperative that Kevin McCarthy suffer the same fate, for the future of the party, and the future of the country.

The Democrats as bad as they are are not nearly as dangerous as the GOP establishment. The difference being, the Democrats aren’t pretending to be Republicans.

I am extremely heartened by the progress I see with Buffalo bills player demar Hamlin following that incident the other night. I do find it interesting though that suddenly it’s okay to pass along thoughts of Goodwill and pray in public again. As a comic friend of mine told me once, of course there’s a God. The test of that is when the ground shaking you’re going to look up, with your hands folded if you’re any kind of a human being at all.