So this Chinese spy balloon shows up a week ago Saturday. It proves to be maneuverable via remote control and is apparently gathering up important data on our defense systems. It spends a good deal of time looking at missile silos for example.

Joe Biden isn’t even advised of the event until the following Wednesday and even then says don’t shoot it down.

He waits until it makes it out to the east coast and then shoots it down in a location where the ocean is far too deep, making recovery of the unit impossible.

And of course Bloomberg among other news outlets try to explain to the American people how it was a good thing that Biden let the Chinese spy on us. Personally, I can’t think of a more persuasive argument that the supposed mainstream media has completely lost their minds.

Biden has sent a message to the rest of the world. Not only can we not control our Southern border, but we can’t control our own airspace. Else, we are unwilling to do so.

Is there anyone on planet Earth who doesn’t understand that the prospect of military action against these United States is much closer today than it was a week ago because of this administration’s fecklessness?


Rick Moran:

Do you know how investigators can tell if someone is lying? The perp keeps changing his story.

On Saturday, a Biden administration official told several news
outlets that Chinese spy balloons briefly traveled over the United
States at least three times during the Trump administration. There was
only one problem with that statement: it left out some essential

As PJ Media’s Matt Margolis carefully documents, just
about every major defense and intelligence official from the former
Trump administration denied that there were any such incursions by
Chinese spy balloons.

So, once again, the Biden administration was forced to change its
story. They are now claiming that U.S. intelligence knew of the spy
balloons, but sort of forgot to tell anyone — including Donald Trump.

Yes… I’ve been hearing most of the weekend the accusation that these balloons have been going by us since the middle of the Trump administration.

I’m not buying it, for one very obvious reason: can you imagine the Democrats who were searching for something, anything, to take out Trump with, not leaking such info to their willing lapdogs in the press, wooden train be treating such information as a cudgel to beat Mr Trump about the head and shoulders? They’d have gone 24/7 for a week with that little tidbit. That didn’t happen, so that didn’t happen.

Especially since, as Rick points out, they’ve been backing off on the claim.