Over at legal insurrection, they give the rather obvious answer. Yes.

You know, there been a lot of train derailments lately. And I mean an awful lot. There has been far more than usual the last couple years.

You should perhaps consider the idea that there is an organized effort behind this. We are seeing supply chain issues across the board that are far deeper than we saw during the pandemic.

We see pipelines being closed down drilling being cut back wore on American energy being waged by our federal government with pipelines being closed down and so on. We are now down to the only way to move crude oil in many cases is the railroads. But thanks to what takes on every appearance of an organized effort, that’s problematic as well.

Our transportation secretary doesn’t seem to have a clue as to what is and is not important. We have an environmental and transportation disaster on our hands and yet his focus is on supposed racism at construction sites?

Yeah. It’s that stupid.

The EPA is on site but is giving the locals no answers whatsoever despite having shut down the whole town. If you talk to the locals there you’ll find that they are very annoyed at what the federal government’s been doing and not doing. There are situation handling leaving a lot to be desired by the lights of the townspeople.

One of the more obvious takeaways from this is the folly of focusing our means of delivering the nation’s energy into one sector… In this case, railroads.

But that assessment makes the assumption that exploitation of those vulnerabilities wasn’t always the plan.

Think of it this way… If you wanted to bring America to a crashing halt economically speaking, and while you’re at it weaken the resistance to an invasion and take over, how would you act differently than what we are seeing here?

Obviously there should be serious concern for the people of East Palestine Ohio and those downstream from that event. The larger fear however is the sheer number of sabotage related incidents involving train derailments around the country.

And the thing is, if we take the total lack of comments on the subject from the Federal government, they’re not even looking at that.