A few observations on the world around us.

* Seems to be an awful lot of chatter on the social media these days about the appearance that Madonna put in at the grammys. Personally I think she looks almost as good as when she was alive.

* I’m probably not going to bother watching the State of the Union tonight. Star Trek is enough fantasy for me. Still, there’s going to be an outstanding question in the morning. How many bald-faced lies are the press going to call him on? Admittedly I am seeing some speculation as to whether or not his Depends will hold out for the duration of the speech.

* If on the other hand you are going to watch that fantasy festival I would advise you first to take in Steve Kruiser’s column:

Biden’s speech will be a real test of his staff’s creative writing skills. They will no doubt be trying to convince us that the United States economy is booming and that we should be grateful to President LOLEightyonemillion for all of the bounties we’re enjoying. That’s going to be a tough sell to citizens who are moving money out of their retirement accounts so they can buy an egg.